Beauty of Indian Forest

Beauty of Indian Forest
Buxa Tiger Reserve Landscape, Duaars West Bengal

Images from Indian forest

Friday, May 28, 2010

Study on Indian Wetlands #1

2nd post on Wet lands. This image of Oriental Darter, I have taken from Ranganathittu B.S with Nikon D70s/Sigma 170-500mm. India Oriental Darter also called Snake bird.

Why I'm writing bolgs on Wetland: My goal is to create a mass awareness on Wetland with my image and little knowledge. I believe, Wetlands are most neglected and most threatened ecological environment, becoz it is not at all protected as National park in India and in many cases it is private property. I do believe wetlands are also Mather of beautiful biodiversity and should not be destroyed to keep our earth green. There are lots of initiatives to protect TIGER and their habitat but very few noises to protect Wetland. So I would like to show and make you aware about the beauty and mistry of wetland by my little photographic skill. Hope you enjoy my photograph and also think about the khazana of biodiversity.

I'll try to put as much as possible generic information about wetland from my next post and also demand your comments, critic and valuable inputs about it.

Let us do something to protect wetland.

One small Q to all --> Name the biggest wetlands of India. Answare in next post. ;-)

Wetlands of India ......continue